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Fresh Catholic 40

1. February 14th:

Ash Wednesday

Go to Mass and get your ashes! Wear them in humility all day!


2. February 15th:

Start reading the Gospel of Matthew (28 days)

The Word on Fire Gospel book is great!


3. February 16th:

Attend Stations of the Cross

Really envision yourself there with Jesus! 


4. February 17th:

Create a Gratitude poster or book. Cut out paper cross shapes

Have each family member write what they’re thankful for each day!


5. February 19th:

Decorate a jar, box or envelope to start collecting $$ for charity

Everytime you resist your vice, put the money you saved inside!


6. February 20th:

Start praying the Rosary

Once a week is fine, but once a day is better!


7. February 21st:

Start a Lenten journal

Keep track of your progress, thoughts, ideas & prayers!


8. February 22nd:

Watch the Catholicism Series with Bishop Barron: Episodes 1&2

Discuss with your family!


9. February 23rd:

Make a meatless meal together!

Veggie Lasagna anyone?!


10. February 24th:

Go to Confession

Once during Lent is necessary, but more often as needed!


11. February 26th:

Limit Cell phone usage

Only check it twice a day..or once a day..or turn off for the whole Lent!


12. February 27th:

Listen to “Fresh Catholic Daily” with the daily Mass readings

Start your day off right!  Listen on your way to work or school!


13. February 28th:

Head to Daily Mass

Try to attend at least once per week…everyday would be Awesome!


14. February 29th:

Watch the Catholicism Series with Bishop Barron: Episodes 1&2

Discuss with your family!


15. March 1st:

Attend Stations of the Cross

Make a meatless meal…how about some yummy soup?!


16. March 2nd:

Adopt a needy family or elderly person and show them you care

         Take them a food basket or meal or buy them a treat!


17. March 4th:

Put the Laudate and Scriptural Rosary Apps on your phone

Prayers and Rosary at your fingertips in an instant!


18. March 5th:

Go to Adoration 

Spend some good quality alone time with Jesus…pour your heart out!


19. March 6th:

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter / Soup kitchen

Help prepare and serve the food to grateful people!


20. March 7th:

Watch the Catholicism Series with Bishop Barron: Episodes 5&6

Discuss with your family!


21. March 8th:

Attend Stations of the Cross

No meat Friday!  Bean, Rice & Cheese Burritos are easy & tasty!


22. March 9th:

Volunteer to do a nice service for someone

Clean their house, mow their lawn or wash their car!  How nice!


23. March 11th:

Give someone a compliment, hug or smile

Make someone’s day by giving them some love so they feel special!


24. March 12th:

Sign up to serve at your church

Become a Lector, Eucharistic Minister or Altar Server!  Much needed!


25. March 13th:

Start reading the Gospel of Mark (16 days)

Another version of the story of Jesus!


26. March 14th:

Watch the Catholicism Series with Bishop Barron: Episodes 7&8

Discuss with your family!


27. March 15th:

Attend Stations of the Cross

Have Fish Fry Friday! Yes please!


28. March 16th:

Collect canned goods or clothes & donate to a homeless shelter

So easy to do and so appreciated by people who are in need! 


29. March 18th:

Read some good Catholic books

Matthew Kelly has great books!  Easy to read and very impactful!


30. March 19th:

Heal a wounded relationship 

Take the first step…someone needs to!


31. March 20th:

Send your Priests a thank you card 

Give them thanks for all they do for you, your family & the church!


32. March 21st:

Watch the Catholicism Series with Bishop Barron: Ep. 9&10

Discuss with your family!


33. March 22nd:

Attend Stations of the Cross

Make a delicious veggie Pizza!



34. March 23rd:

Visit a nursing home 

Take the residents cards or drawings…maybe some game books!

35. March 25th:

Send someone a card to let them know you’re thinking of them

Add a prayer card for an extra little gesture of love!


36. March 26th:

Go on a “Prayer Walk”

Don’t be distracted by phones or people…focus on our Lord!


37. March 27th:

Spy Wednesday: The day Judas agreed to betray Jesus

Pray for someone who has been or is betraying you.


38. March 28th:

Holy Thursday

Attend Chrism Mass

Envision Jesus during the “washing of the feet”.


39. March 29th:

Good Friday

Attend re-enactment at your church

Watch “The Passion of the Christ”. (Viewer Discretion Advised)


40. March 30th:

Holy Saturday

Go to the Easter Vigil and support the “Fresh Catholics” who have             

been initiated into the church! Welcome!!



Attend Glorious Mass with your family!!

Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord!



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