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Lori Balderas

My personal story... Be a bright light

I am a devout Catholic who converted to Catholicism at the age of 49.

It is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to spread the joy and excitement I have to others who are considering joining or returning to the Catholic faith.


Though my Father was raised Catholic and my Mother a Methodist, I didn’t attend any church growing up.  It wasn’t until I moved to a very Christian area in the late 1980’s with my former husband, that I became a Christian.  I fell in love with Christ at that moment and became fascinated with learning more about Him.


I became even more reliant on Christ after a life altering experience at age 23.  My 21 month old son and I were in a horrific car accident while I was 7 ½ months pregnant.  As a result, I not only gave birth to my daughter, but suffered a broken neck as well.

After the accident, we needed to move closer to my family for help in my recovery. This meant leaving my solid Christian support system.  I never 

turned away from Christ, but felt quite a void in my new surroundings back in my hometown and couldn’t find a church I felt happy in. I felt like a lost puppy.


When my third child, a son, was born, I enjoyed being a stay at home Mom to my children. I learned to cope with my permanent disability and made the best of my limitations.  


Years later, when my 25 year marriage ended unexpectedly, I found myself searching for God again in my life.  I started asking Him for help and guidance.  He answered my prayers and my entire life changed.  I didn’t have a “midlife crisis”...I had a “midlife conversion”!


I am now married to fellow Catholic,Simon Balderas and together we own a film production company called, WonderMouse, Inc in Ventura, California.

I am also employed at my local parish, Our Lady of the Assumption, as the Lead Wedding Coordinator.  It brings me great joy to help couples plan and fulfill their Sacramental Marriage ceremonies.


I look forward to my future with Christ as my protector and guide.

He is after all, The Way…The Truth…and The Life!!


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