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Go Play!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I witnessed a very interesting thing on my walk yesterday. At first I thought it was really cute and funny, but then I switched how I was thinking about what I was seeing. I was walking at the beach (on the paved promenade and beyond) and could see about 4 different signs in different areas in the sand and dunes. They were stations for activities for a large group of school age children. The signs read, "Imagination & Movement", "Birdwatching", "Sketching", and I'm not sure what the 4th sign was, but the children were lined up in a row facing the ocean and throwing rocks and sticks to see who could throw the farthest. All good, clean fun! They were all engaged, interested and participating happily together. How wonderful! They were having the time of their lives!

I had a very blessed and idyllic childhood. I am much younger than my sister and brother (8 & 10 years) so even though I have siblings, I was kinda raised like an only child at times. I would play and imagine for most of my days. One minute I was Laura Ingalls on the prairie riding on my horse (made of a sawhorse) and the next minute I was Huckleberry Finn on the river on my "raft" made of towels. I would sing, dance, swim, ride my bike, play ping pong, tennis and shoot pool. I would play house and school with neighborhood friends. I would put records on in my bedroom and reenact musicals. I had the best time! I was never bored. I was sad to become a teenager and have to give it all up!

When my children were growing up, I gave them lots to do and taught them lots of fun "child friendly" games and such. I just passed down what I had learned and done myself. The difference for them is that they had each other to play with...and they are all very close in bonus! They would, of course, have structured things to do or they were involved in groups, teams, etc. But for the most part, especially when they were little, they would spend hours and hours creating, imagining, reading, drawing, playing with Barbies and Legos. Swimming, riding bikes and scooters. If they ever got "bored" or cranky or whiney...I would yell out, "GO PLAY"! And you know what they would do? They would GO PLAY! They not only knew what I meant by "GO PLAY", but more importantly they knew how to "GO PLAY"!

Now, back to the reason my attitude shifted when I witnessed the children at the beach having such a good time is this...while I'm pleased as punch these children are getting to do these things...and it took me back to my childhood and my children's childhood...this is what ALL children should be doing! Or versions of these things everyday! This is what childhood is all about! These beautiful, simple activities that get them out in the fresh air....face to face with other humans! Having a good face to face encounter and laugh with others! This is how childhood memories are made! This is how they will be able to pass on these things to their own children!

Please start encouraging your child to be a kid and to just "GO PLAY"!

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