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I Now Pronounce You...

I have the blessing of being a Wedding Coordinator at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Ventura.

I absolutely LOVE helping couples to have the wedding they have dreamed of! I feel so grateful for the gifts I have been given by the Lord to help me accomplish this job. I love to be able to help people, even if it's in a small way, to get married sacramentally.

I love to hear the stories of how the couple got engaged. Their faces always light up when they talk about it! What wonderful memories they have! I love to be able to help an anxious couple feel more secure and help them know that I will handle everything, so they can enjoy their special day. I love to see the couple go from being nervous at their rehearsal, to glowing with love and joy on the wedding day. Their smiles and happy tears say it all!

I love to see the bride and groom in all their finery! I love the beauty, meaning and reverence of a Catholic Church wedding. It's not frivolous or to be taken lightly. They become one flesh...that's powerful!

This bond and covenant between the couple and Christ is an unbreakable bond...until death do they part.

I've been married in both secular (first & second marriages before I became Catholic) and sacramental ways.

I can promise you that I can feel and experience a marked difference between the two. It's phenomenal to me!

You can't just bail ship when the seas get rough...and they will. I can't really express well enough just the inner feeling and strength I get from knowing that Christ is in every part of our marriage. I know He's supporting us and wants us to succeed. We can't do it alone...He is a vital part of our relationship and marital bond.

"For this reason, a man shall leave his father & mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate."

I love to hear the Homily created personally by the Officiant just for the couple. I love to hear the couple recite their vows. It always reminds me of my wedding day on the very same altar! I love to hear the cheers from the guests when the bride and groom are announced as husband and wife and when they kiss for the time!

Every wedding is like an adventure! All of them have some similarities, but each is certainly unique! There's always a "little something" that goes wonky... there's always at least one funny moment or story... and there's always something new I learn! I feel so honored to be a part of one of the most important days of the couples life. And then....I love when they start having babies! What a joy!

I love my job!

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About Me


I’m Lori Balderas, I created this podcast for those who are converting, reverting or simply want a FRESH perspective of the Catholic faith to help them to open their hearts and minds to become closer to the love and goodness of Christ.

I converted to Catholicism at the age of 49.  It was, by far, the best decision I’ve ever made! I don’t claim to be an expert or Theologian, but what I DO know is that my heart is bursting with love for the Lord and I want others to feel the same way!  

I feel impassioned and drawn to Evangelize people by sharing my experiences and transformation that have gotten me where I am today.

I will be sharing my personal conversion story and speaking with others about theirs.

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