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My Former Idols

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Before I was Catholic, in my previous "life", I would really fixate on certain things and people. I wouldn't say I was necessarily overly obsessed with them, but I was definitely highly focused on them. Okay, maybe I was obsessed.

This actually started when I was a child. I would find something or someone I was interested in and it, or they, would become a huge part of my existence. I couldn't get enough of them. I would read or watch whatever I could get my hands on regarding this person or thing. I would somehow make it a major part of my day, week, life! I would pour over books and magazines just to absorb my current obsession. Wanting to be them, wanting to meet them, wanting what they had. Even sometimes pretending to be them!

A good example was my love and admiration of Kobe Bryant. I LOVED him! I didn't want to be him, but I would watch every Laker game. I would wear Laker gear. I got a signed jersey of his for Mother's Day one year. I even wore a #8 on a chain around my neck! I would say he was my Idol. I did this with a lot of different people and things over the years, but I would say that he was one of the most prominent.

Also, the things I used to value were, for the most part, very superficial. I mean...I of course loved my family, but I also loved and coveted "things". All those things became idols in my life. At the time, I didn't see that AT ALL. I didn't realize how fixated and mesmerized I was. I would go shopping once a week with a friend and just buy stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff I didn't need. Stuff that made me look and feel fancy. Stuff that would draw people to notice me and my STUFF. It's sounds SO dumb now when I think about it. It also is shamful.

Since becoming Catholic, I don't have these unhealthy obsessions anymore. I don't seek or crave superficial things. I don't need "Stuff". I can't imagine being flashy or wasteful. I can't imagine taking my entire day to focus on things and people that are toxic and that are harmful. Things that have no redeeming quality in my life. Things that replace the true goodness of being in right relationship with God.

Now I gravitate to the Lord. I want to devote my time to Him. He elevates my spirit, feeds my body & soul and nurtures my heart. Now, my day is filled with prayer, reading religious books and articles, going to Mass, helping others and evangelizing by having a faith based podcast, social media and Blog to build up God's kingdom!

Now my call is to devote my life to Jesus. Maybe some people would say I'm obsessed with Him. It's not an obsession, but it is a deep commitment of love, reverence, gratitude and devotion to the most valuable thing in my life now and through all eternity.


About Me


I’m Lori Balderas, I created this podcast for those who are converting, reverting or simply want a FRESH perspective of the Catholic faith to help them to open their hearts and minds to become closer to the love and goodness of Christ.

I converted to Catholicism at the age of 49.  It was, by far, the best decision I’ve ever made! I don’t claim to be an expert or Theologian, but what I DO know is that my heart is bursting with love for the Lord and I want others to feel the same way!  

I feel impassioned and drawn to Evangelize people by sharing my experiences and transformation that have gotten me where I am today.

I will be sharing my personal conversion story and speaking with others about theirs.

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